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Bucky O’Hare Action Figures

Battle Stations!  Rig the ship for Hyper Space, we got Toad-Trouble!

If you were a kid in the late 80’s or early 90’s you might have noticed a slight trend in kids entertainment.  There seemed to be mutant, humanoid animals everywhere!  Here are just a few examples:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Byker Mice from Mars

Samurai Pizza Cats

Street Sharks


There was one franchise that caught my attention a little more than the others, and that was Bucky O’Hare!  I’m not sure exactly what it was about a green rabbit fighting toads in an animal universe (aniverse!), but I was hooked.  The TV show was fantastic and had one of the catchiest theme tunes in existence.

Bucky O'Hare US Comic Book Cover
Bucky O’Hare US Comic Book Cover

Bucky O’Hare was the brain child of Larry Hama and Michael Golden.  There imaginative comic book idea was eventually transformed into a hit TV show.  The characters were so colorful and eye catching that an action figure line seemed perfect.

Enter Hasbro

Hasbro created a series of action figures for the show.  The figures were approximately 3.75 inches tall, very colorful with basic articulation.  The entire line consisted of the following main characters:

Air Marshall

Al Negator



Bucky O’Hare

Commander Dogstar

Deadeye Duck

Storm Toad Trooper


Willy DuWitt

There were more figures set to be released but for reasons unknown they were shelved.  I remember owning a good number of these figures as a kid and they were a whole lot of fun!  The molding was quite chunky and it felt like the $8 you spent to purchase it was well worth it!

They also released two vehicles for the line – “The Toad Croaker” and the “Double Bubble”.  Both of these were highly recognisable from the TV show and were fantastic toys.  The Toad Croaker had room for deadeye duck to sit in the cockpit and featured a rubber underside.  This made a very satsifying squishing noise when you squashed a storm toad trooper.

The Toad Croaker
The Toad Croaker

The double bubble could sit two toads inside and had spring loaded claws which could fire out and capture enemies.  This was a really nicely designed vehicle and instantly recognisable from the shows intro scene.  As an added feature it would croak as you rocked it from side to side just like a toad!

The Double Bubble
The Double Bubble

This was one of my all time favourite action figure lines as a kid.  The show is brilliant too and still highly watchable all these years later!   Thanks for reading.

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