Aliens – Alien Warrior

Alien Warrior 1/6th scale action figure from the Movie Masterpiece series.

Please see below for a more detailed review of this action figure.  That is, unless you are too scared! If you like Alien action figures- check out this Deluxe Alien Queen Figure



Those words uttered by the late, great Bill Paxton perfectly encapsulate the feelings of fear and helplessness that the Alien franchise is so famous for.  It was Ridley Scott’s directorial genius that created such an incredibly high level of atmosphere and intensity in the original 1979 movie.  Creating a sequel that could even come close must have seemed like an impossible feat.  That is unless your name is James Cameron!  In my opinion the Aliens (1986) is the most exciting movie in the original quadrilogy.  Check out this famous scene from the movie:


There have been many toy lines created based on the iconic Alien Warrior.  Kenner created the first line in 1992 and NECA followed suit with a more improved aesthetic.  Hot Toys have now created a high end collectible edition of the Alien Warrior (this one!).   The Alien Warrior featured in Aliens (1986) has a slightly different appearance to the one from the original 1979 Alien.  The head is smooth in the original whilst the alien warrior has a ribbed head.  …*Ahem.   The Aliens also appear to have an exposed exoskeleton.  These features give the Alien Warrior a unique and instantly recognizable appearance.  Due to the figures large size,  the artists have been able to include all the body features from the movie to a very high standard.  Even the parts that aren’t always visible have been detailed such as the underside of the head piece.


 My mommy always said there were no monsters – no real ones – but there are.

Yes there are, and here is the proof!  Once again Hot Toys have made a spectacular looking figure.  The figure is a 1/6th scale and comes inside an enormous box!  Seriously  we almost expected a full sized alien to leap out of the thing!  The figure also comes with a very nice presentation stand and includes two cool looking acid blood splatter props.  Please ensure that you wear protective gloves when handling them!

There are twenty points of articulation in this figure which allow for a full range of movement.  The tail can also be posed into an awesome looking attack pose.  As with similar wire based features, the tail has an internal wire system.  This allows it to be fully articulated in whatever pose you can imagine, however care must be taken not to bend it too harshly (folding it back on itself).  A smooth bend also looks much more realistic.  The display stand is detailed to match the colonies metallic interior.


Parts of the figure are overlaid with a flexible textured material such as the tendons on the side of the mouth.   This looks very good, especially  when engaging the poseable inner mouth part.  The inner mouth piece has an internal mechanism to allow it to be pushed in and out and lock into place.  This mechanism needs to be treated with care as it could be a point of failure over time.   Once again the level of detail in the head is of a very high standard even on parts which aren’t clearly visible.  The overall color of the figure comprises a bluish two tone tint with areas of darker coloring.  Hot toys have gone all out on this figure as per their usual style and this creation is an excellent addition to the movie masterpiece series.


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