Batman Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Collectible Batmobile 1989 Version

1/6 scale 1989 Batmobile – Part of the Movie Masterpiece series by Hot Toys.

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 Where does he get those wonderful toys?

Jack Nicholsons line in the 1989 batman movie couldn’t be more relevant!  Tim Burton did an amazing job with this movie.  Not only did he make us fall in with love the characters,  he made us gasp in amazement at an incredible reimagining of the Batmobile.  Take a look at this memorable clip of the batmobile in action:

There really isn’t a meter in existence that is capable of measuring the coolness of this thing!  Hot Toys have created this item as a 1/6 scale replica which makes it a very impressive size!  It easily fits both the Batman and the Joker 1/6 scale figures inside the cockpit – Not that they would ever be seen cruising around together!  The detail in this car is meticulous, down to the rubber tread and engraved bat symbol on the tyres to the pop up gas tank covers.

The car also comes packed with all the weapons seen in both Batman and Batman Returns.  These are accessible via the panels running along the detailed exterior of the batmobile.  Hot Toys were quite innovative with their use of magnets to release the panels.  This prevents the need for any unsightly catches.

You wanna get nuts? Come on! Let’s get nuts!

On both sides of the batmobile there are bat disc dispensers as seen in the circus attack scene from batman returns.  You get a total of eight bat discs which can be loaded into each side of the vehicle.  Also on both sides there is a detachable shin breaker (not sure if thats the official name!)  These are used to knock thugs down as the batmobile drives by.  There are attachement points on both sides where the batmobiles awesome grappling hooks can be attached .  Both hooks are fully articulated allowing for a variety poses.  Of course lets not forget the pop up machine guns on either side of the batmobile.  These both have detailed ammo dispensers and can tilt up and down.

Gotham City Cathedral, transportation for two.

As shown above, the cockpit is fully accessible.  Inside there is an array of amazingly detailed instrumentation panels.  The stick shift and steering wheel can both be moved and the cockpit has working internal lighting.  Another really nice feature is the  inclusion of the batmobile display screen, which just adds another fantastic layer of detail.

The Batmobile has working head and tail lights and there are also lights in the afterburner to provide a psuedo flame effect.  The batmobile truly deserves to take center stage in anyone’s collection and there is a working turntable included allowing you to display every angle of this beautiful creation.

…and if your batmobile is under attack you can always use the shield that is provided!  This shield is a nice accessory to have.  Not only does it look great it provides the ideal cover for storage.

The Hot Toys 1989 Batmobile is an incredible homage to the movie and makes for an impressive centerpiece for any proud collector!


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