Guyver The Bio Boosted Armour – Guyver 1 Max Factory Figma 231

Created by Max Factory – Figma, here is The Guyver 1 action figure.  (Figma 231)

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The Guyver – A Bio Booster Armour of Alien Origin

When I first saw the twelve part anime series of The Guyver as a kid,  I was blown away.  The concept of a bio boosting alien armour was so different to anything I’d experienced in western movies or TV.  The Guyver was also the first Japanese animation that I’d experienced apart from a badly dubbed VHS tape of Akira.  The genius behind the Guyver was Yoshiki Takaya, the author of the original Manga Comic.

I recently re-watched the entire 1989 series and it’s still as good as I remember, even with the over the top voice acting!  The series inspired two live action movies and one of them even starred Mark Hamill!  In 2005 fans were treated to a new 26 part series which takes the story much further than the original.

Here is the intro to the United Kingdom version of the anime.  If you’re interested – the original Japanese / american region theme music  is very different to this but well worth a watch if you can find it.


There have been several versions of guyver action figures from the creative team at Max Factory.  This latest version has been released by Max Factory under their Figma product name.  The Figma line specialises in creating highly articulated hand sized figures of popular anime characters.  Standing at a little over six inches tall, this figure can easily be manipulated and posed into a variety of awesome stances!


As with the previous Max Factory figures,  the detail is fantastic.  They have used a durable flexible plastic in key areas to allow the figure to be posed without affecting the overall proportions.  The range of articulation allows for virtually any scene from the TV show to be recreated.  Take a look below at this pose of the Guyver firing a Gravity weapon .  An alternate chest piece has been included especially to recreate this pose.

Perhaps you need a little more firepower?  How about the MEGA SMASHER!  The chest pieces can both open allowing you to reveal the Guyvers most powerful weapon.

In addition to alternate chest pieces, the figure comes with interchangeable hands to create the unique poses illustrated above.  There are short and long versions of the high frequency blades and you also get a small Guyver Unit for set pieces.  As with all products from Max Factory – This is definately not a toy!  The figure needs to be treated with respect to ensure its longevity and the smaller parts could be very dangerous for children.


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