The Matrix – Sentinel

The Sentinels are autonomous killing machines who continually patrol the abandoned cities of the “real world”.  There primary objective is to destroy any signs of human resistance. During the Matrix Revolutions thousands of Sentinels swarm upon Zion to destroy the last human city.

This Hot Toys action figure captures the murderous awesomeness of the sentinel in a highly detailed, fully poseable 1/16th scale collectible.   Please see below for a more detailed review of this action figure.

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The Matrix is my favourite movie of all time.  Maybe it’s because I’m a big computer nerd or it pertains to the deeper psuedo philisophical and religious messages of the movie.  Or maybe it’s just the fact that kung fu and ‘jedi like’ super powers really get me going!  Anyhow, the movie has a very intricate story line in which we are presented with the duality of the matrix and the real world. Unfortately the real world has been taken over by a race of artifically intelligent machines.  Unlike movies such as the terminator, we are not presented with any humanoid type enemies outside of the matrix.  Instead the movie introduces us to a new type of mechanical villain – The Sentinels.


These murderous machines patrol the abandoned human cities for resistance fighters and hovercraft.  The movies portray the sentinels as squid like monsters who can fly around effortlessly in pursuit of the nebuchadnezzar hovercraft.  It would be impossible to imagine the movies without them as they add such a dramatic and fearful dimension to the most memorable scenes.  Who can forget the gripping scene at the end of the original movie?   This action figure boasts fully poseable tentacles comprised of an inner wire system.  The claws on the end of the tentacles are also all fully poseable.  On the underside of the Sentinels there are fully poseable legs that can be seen grabbing onto craft in the movies.  This all allows for a very realistic depiction of the character.  The detailed paintjob highlights the red elements interspersed with a metallic paintjob giving it a really cool look.  The display stand for this item allows for any number of poses and is very sturdy.  This one is a must have for matrix fans,  Let’s hope they release more characters for this line because we love it!


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